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A new Linux for Chromebooks

Breath bootstraps Linux the way Chromebooks like it. It doesn't rely on ChromeOS or custom firmware and supports all drivers on modern (post 2018) Chromebooks.

Stock Firmware

Depthcharge, the stock firmware of Chromebooks, is capable of booting a 2-partition USB containing the kernel and root filesystem. Depthcharge does not have the ability of using an initramfs, so all all neccessary features are built into the kernel.


Breath uses the same forked Linux kernel as ChromeOS. Due to this, all devices supported in ChromeOS work in Breath. Breath is the only way to boot a full Linux distro with audio supported.

Extensible and Stable

Breath is made from the ground up to be modular. It supports Ubuntu and Arch, but should support any distro given that it has a rootfs and a way to install packages. Breath doesn't "monkey-patch" Linux distros to be able to be chrooted, so it is more stable than alternatives like Crouton.


Using Intel GVT-G, it is possible to passthrough the integrated graphics into a KVM-accelerated Windows virtual machine. i915 and amdgpu are fully supported

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